The invitations are the credit to the success of the event – they were beyond my expectations and commanded attendance! I truly hope you will come on board for our gala – we couldn’t do it without you!

Carolyn Luscombe

ISES Toronto Chapter

That’s what we’ve heard over the years. Our designs are fun. Set the tone. Memorable.

Barnstorming Designs’ main focus has been their award winning product line of invitations & direct mail promotions. This line was “born” literally from Teddie Barnhart’s 1st born’s birth announcement. Teddie, a freelance graphic designer at the time, mailed her own 3D promotions. Her daughters’ birth announcements drew many responses of “you should mass market these.”

So the “original collection” of 21 designs was introduced in 1994 at The New York Stationary Show.

In recent years, Barnstorming Designs has expanded into small events and interiors for clients that want the “wow” effect. Teddie is a master space planner and process designer; turning a space into a truly functional and visually interesting one is a real strength that she loves!

Teddie’s style is fun and different. She really focused on “the goal” and “the audience” her client is trying to reach. Making a statement and being memorable is key for all her projects.

Teddie attributes her design skills and attention to detail from her days at Drexel University. The high expectations of the interior design school forced her to learn how to “step outside of the box”, “activate space” and develop excellent hand & space planning skills. Her degree in Interior Design is evident in the invitation line which focuses on 3D packaging like colorful tubes or boxes and includes fabulous papers, ribbons and other textural materials to enhance the designs. Her Masters in Publication Design, focused on the graphic side of her designs.

Teddie’s work has won numerous prestigious industry awards including nine Louie Award nominations and a win for “Best Blank Imprintable Invitation.” Her work has been published in Exhibitor Magazine, Print Magazine’s Regional Design Annual, Graphically Bold, Advertising Greeting Cards, Business Stationery 2, Letterheads 2 and Business Card Graphics to name a few.

Attention to detail is critical as is turnaround. We love to work under pressure. We have fabulous team members that include crafters who assemble the invitation designs with assistance from disabled folks for tasks like plugging tubes and inserting items.

Teddie’s oldest has special needs and she is an advocate for creating opportunities for this population. Recently she has a new calling after seven of her family members have been diagnosed with tick related infections. She wants to educate as many as possible about the importance of early detection and treatment of Lyme disease and other tick related infections.

When not working, Teddie also enjoys needlepoint, entertaining, traveling and shopping for fun and unique vintage things. She loves spending time with her husband, Jack, four kids – Maegan, Sioban, Bridgette and Jack, two dogs and two cats. Her philosophy is the more the merrier!

Her product line was developed in her bedroom and she worked out of the home in the early years. After “stuff” took over the house, Barnstorming Designs moved into a renovated bread factory loft space. Teddie and her husband are currently renovating a 1893 building in historic downtown Frederick where they plan to move their offices in early 2017.